WHO: Becca Stallmann

What: Co-founder

Where: Bryant, AR

Why: There are many reasons I decided to help found the MIND Coalition. As a psychology and now public health student, I have a strong interest in the field of mental health. Additionally, I have personally struggled with anxiety and have many family members and friends who have also been affected by depression and anxiety. More than anything though, my motivation comes from the desire to eradicate the stigma surrounding mental health.

I believe education is the key to creating a more mentally well community and empowering individuals to advocate for change. Through the MIND Coalition I hope to educate the central Arkansas community on the reality of mental illness and the available local mental health resources.



What: Co-founder

Where: Conway, AR

Why: I decided to get involved with the MIND Coalition because of my research and work experience in the field. As a MD/PhD candidate in the field of psychiatry and neuroscience I have been exposed to the need for mental health resources and advocacy here in central Arkansas. Primarily in the area of addiction and co-occurring psychiatric disorders.

By establishing the MIND Coalition, I hope to create an organization that not only increases awareness for mental health in Arkansas but also has a role in policy and advocacy efforts. The Arkansas population should feel they have adequate support and resources to address their mental health needs.



What: Co-founder

Where: Paris, AR

Why: My interest in mental health stems from my personal battle with depression and the two family members I lost to suicide. Growing up in a small town, I witnessed the effects of limited treatment resources and stigma on the population’s mental health. As a result of these experiences, I decided to found the MIND Coalition.

Through the MIND Coalition, I hope to educate and integrate resources in areas of the state that have limited access and awareness of mental health care.  Additionally, I want to empower those who are suffering from mental illness to speak up and seek help. No one should have to face their battle alone.